Laboratory of Developmental Neuroendocrinology

Department of Anatomy


Welcome to our lab.  Here are the current members...


Associate Professor Christine Jasoni, Principal Investigator



Dr Kelly Glendining, Research fellow

   I'm using a high fat diet mouse model to see whether the food a mother eats can disrupt the programming of feeding regulation centres in the brain of her offspring. We want to see whether maternal over-nutrition during pregnancy causes changes in the expression of genes that regulate the development of body weight control neurons within the Arcuate nucleus of the fetus. I’ll be using RNA-sequencing on the developing Arcuate nucleus to get a snapshot of the genes that are involved in the normal development of appetite and food regulation circuits, and will then look at how this system might be disrupted by maternal overconsumption.


  Hannah Twigg, PhD student, Genetics

 Hannah Lab 2.1    I'm fascinated by developmental biology - by the fact that an organism can begin as a single cell, and become an adult made of millions of different cell types. My research is based on hypothalamic development. I want to know how neuroprogenitors make the decision to become a certain mature cell type. More specifically, I'm looking at the orexigenic cells of the lateral hypothalamus - the orexin- and melanin-concentrating hormone-producing neurons, and how their transcription factor profiles allow them to differentiate into these cell types. These cells are part of a network of cell types and hypothalamic nuclei that together regulate body weight. By using a combination of molecular techniques, I plan to establish the requirements for producing these cells and better understand how these early progenitor cells know to become the mature orexigenic cells we see in the adult brain.